Reimagining Interior

To us, creating modern vehicle interior means constant development and improvement.

Looking at public transport in particular, we see an ongoing change in the expectations towards the vehicle, coming both from passengers and public authorities. Today’s vehicles need to be more efficient and therefore more weight-saving and smarter. We provide solutions for this by using strict light-weight construction and offering flexible integration of systems, which make your vehicle smart and connected.

In addition, there is the necessity of further increasing travel comfort, if we want to make collective passenger transport more attractive and advance the indispensable reduction of private transport, especially within our cities.

Adaptive lighting concepts and a calm and clean design for an improved room atmosphere or additional functional components to meet the passengers’ needs, are only some of the possibilities to achieve this common purpose.


Solutions for Tomorrow’s Mobility

In cooperation with the renowned Fraunhofer Institute for Transport and Infrastructure Systems as well as innovative and globally leading partners, Farhym is developing complete solutions for increasing the overall efficiency of electric buses in the eBus-Cluster while at the same time increasing safety and comfort.

In order to preserve the climate and resources, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly mobility with contemporary comfort and maximum safety must be possible. With this goal, we are developing sustainable system solutions in the eBus-Cluster, in cooperation with strong partners, which offer manufacturers as well as operators new economic opportunities to use electric buses efficiently on line.

FFor the eBus-Cluster, Farhym integrates the CELLOFOAM sidewall heating system into a novel sidewall and roof cladding concept that captures the flow of passenger-air and controls the flow of passenger-air and the necessary use of the air conditioning system across zones of differently lit surfaces. The evenly distributed air outlets in the vehicle for air conditioning are controlled so that the bus creates a pleasant indoor climate. Supported by the integrated RGB lighting, the passenger can thus be directed to the optimally tempered areas in the vehicle. The system itself is implemented with new, longitudinally separated and ergonomically arranged and thus maintenance-friendly flaps.

However, it is the interplay of the data recorded in the individual systems in the Internet of Things, their processing, and the feedback with the individual systems that make it possible to optimally adapt the interior temperature to the current needs of the passengers. This means an increase in passenger comfort with simultaneous reduction in energy consumption.

The Farhym handrail system, made of weight-optimized aluminium profiles and plastic knots, also contributes to the comfort but also to the safety of the passengers: thanks to their excellent feel and integrated stop request and emergency call buttons.

With our experience and the solutions developed in the eBus cluster, we are pioneers in the field of interior design for electromobility and are proud that we can also benefit our customers from

Anasayfa eBus-Cluster